What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the art and science of enhancing or correcting dental defects of teeth and gums, affecting the appearance of an individual when smiling. The primary goal of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of teeth to improve the self-esteem of individuals.

Is cosmetic dentistry safe?

The procedures carried out to improve the appearance of teeth and gums are safe. All procedures used in cosmetic dentistry are standard, well researched techniques. Using materials which are biologically safe.

What is involved in cosmetic dentistry?

Fixing your smile is no different in approach to all other dental management of problems related to the mouth. The first step is to understand what the problem is. Detailed treatment plans formulated post diagnosis. At ProCare Family Dental, we spend a lot of time with our patients to understand their needs and design management to suit their budget and objectives.

What treatment options are available for common dental cosmetic issues?

Treatment for dental cosmetic enhancement is very much driven by the diagnosis. There are 4 areas which impact on dental cosmetics. These are:

  1. Missing teeth. Replacement options include using dentures, dental implants or crown and bridges.
  2. Shape of teeth. Reshaping teeth using veneers, crowns or composite resin.
  3. Alignment of teeth. Braces are often used to straighten teeth. But veneers can also be used to re-align teeth.
  4. Colour of teeth. Bleaching teeth with bleach gels in special trays, are safe and non-invasive for tooth colour change.

Treatment costs for cosmetic dentistry.

The costs involved varies with the type of intervention. Not all procedures attract high costs. The expectation of the final outcome will dictate the type of intervention. The amount of money spent on cosmetic dentistry is entirely in your control.

We have no biases to treatment methods at ProCare Family Dental. We discuss all treatment options with the patient. The quality and the best long term outcome is our sole goal in managing cosmetic cases. We want you to be healthy and happy with the result!

How long do most procedures take?

The length of time to achieve a good result can take time. There are some aspects of cosmetic work which takes a long time. Some cases need one visit others multiple visits of varying lengths of time. Significant corrections can take years. Please see our article on Fixing a smile one tooth at a time for some examples of what we do at ProCare Family Dental.

Are the procedures uncomfortable or painful?

Most of the procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry are not invasive. In most cases no anaesthesia is necessary. Placement of dental implants, which are surgical procedures, do have some level of healing discomfort and pain.

In most cases cosmetic procedures are relatively pain free. Complex cosmetic cases can involve long appointments.

Roland Chong

Roland has over 20 years experience as a general dentist. Roland does all aspects of general dentistry with a special interest in prosthodontics (crown and bridge work) and cosmetic dentistry. A member of the International Team of Implantology, Roland is constantly developing his skills by collaborating with international experts.