Dental ExaminationComprehensive Dental Examination

We understand that dentistry needs to take into account all aspects of the persons’ situation before a treatment plan can be designed.
Your medical and past dental history is collected at your initial visit and updated continuously over the time you are with our practice. We will take your social and personal circumstances into consideration when we formulate a treatment plan.

Gum TreatmentsGum Treatment

Gum disease is something which affects most people over their lifetime. Symptoms and signs can be mild, for instance, gums bleeding whenever they are probed gently. But in other instances gum disease can be more severe.
The underlying bone supporting the teeth in the jaw can be affected, leading to bone loss and teeth becoming mobile.  Sufferers of gum disease often put up with symptoms of bad breath and bleeding gums needlessly. This can be managed and treated.

Restorative DentistryRestorative Dentistry

We offer various methods and materials for restoring broken down teeth. These include the use of the latest materials such as stronger ceramics and new zirconia based materials which appear tooth like but are also strong and durable.
Composite resin materials are used frequently for routine repairs. These are the tooth coloured materials which are used to re-build parts of the missing tooth whilst you are in the chair.


This is a discipline of dentistry which involves the replacement of missing teeth or missing parts of teeth with various prostheses. Fixed or removable prostheses are used to replace missing teeth.
These include partial or full dentures (removable prostheses) implant crowns attached to implant fixtures or bridges (fixed prostheses). Crowns and onlays (part crowns) are used to restore broken down teeth. These prostheses also help support the remaining natural tooth from further breakdown.

Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

This discipline of dentistry involves the treatment of the inside of a tooth. When the nerves in the middle of the tooth becomes inflamed due to infection resulting from cracks in teeth or a hole from dental decay, a tooth ache often results. If the tooth is to be kept in function, the infection within the tooth, including the inflamed nerve tissues, need to be removed. This process is known as a Root Canal Treatment or endodontic treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you feel your teeth are looking a little discoloured, worn or crooked and you would like a brighter, better looking smile then cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve this. Teeth bleaching can be used to improve the shade of your teeth.
The use of ceramic or composite resin veneers are used to correct misaligned teeth or close unsightly gaps. Cosmetic dentistry is voluntary treatment which can be tailored to your circumstances and there is always a solution which can be reached to suit your needs.

Sleep Dentistry

Dental phobia is a common form of anxiety which afflicts a considerable proportion of our population. If you are anxious about dental procedures then sleep dentistry may be the solution for you. A specialist dentist visits our surgery to administer the sedation.
No need for hospital visits and the best part about the procedure is that most patients don’t feel sick after the sedation. You are not aware of the treatment whilst sedated and you do not remember the procedure. For more information please refer to this

Laser Dentistry

We have a soft tissue laser on site which we can use for minor soft tissue procedures. The benefit of using lasers is the quick healing times and most importantly, they are safe to surrounding tissues.
Lasers can be used to disinfect areas with infection and also in some cases help with ulcers in the mouth healing faster and removing pain immediately once the area is exposed to the laser. There is no harmful radiation associated with the use of these diode lasers.

Special Needs Dentistry

This practice sees patients with special needs. The premises allows for wheel chair access. We do see patients with autism and with other special needs. We are on the Autism Victoria register. If you are not sure if we can help please call and we will be more than happy to advise you.

Snoring Dental ApplianceSnoring Dental Appliance

Feeling unrefreshed in the morning despite having 7-8 hours of sleep? Falling asleep reading a book or watching TV most of the time? Having difficulty concentrating during the day and wanting to sleep? Snoring which keeps your partner awake? These are some symptoms which may be a result of sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoea is a complex sleeping disorder which involves the person not getting enough oxygen to the brain.
One of the common causes of this problem is obstruction of the airways. Management of this condition can involve surgery, use of a CPAP machine or a dental appliance to hold the lower jaw forwards to keep the airways open during sleep. A sleep physician must be consulted prior to any treatment being instituted.