Gum Disease Breath

Dry mouth

Dry mouth Symptoms of dry mouth: Does your mouth feel dry most of the time? Do you find talking and eating difficult because your mouth

Jaw pain.

What is jaw pain? Pain in the jaw can come from 3 parts of the face. 1.       Jaw joint (Temporomandibular Joint-TMJ) 2.       Muscles of the

Gum Disease Breath

Gum Disease

Welcome to issue 23 of our newsletter. In this issue we will discuss gum disease in two parts. The first of two articles will deal

Dental Implants

Dental Implants FAQ

Why choose dental implants replace missing teeth? Dental implants are titanium based metal alloys which can fuse to bone. It acts as an anchor to

Dental phobia

Dental Phobia and dentistry.

Welcome to issue Twenty one of YOUR DENTAL CARE News. In our twentieth issue we discussed about Dental trauma…. If you missed this issue please