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As your premier Ringwood Dentists, ProCare Family dental believes in team work between dentist, staff and patient. Our dentists spend a lot of time listening to your concerns in order to provide optimal dental care. Our philosophy of care extends past your appointment. We often make the time to call you after your appointment.  We like to make sure you are doing well after long or complicated procedures. Our dedicated staff will answer your questions and bring any concerns about treatment to the dentist attention immediately.

Complex treatment.

Complex cases are discussed with our specialist colleagues to have a multi-disciplinary approach to your dental care. Our dentist will take time out to visit or speak to the respective specialist on your behalf to discuss the case. This means your treatment is tailored and organised before it even begins.

Information and education.

At ProCare Family Dental we believe in providing our patients with all the information relating to their dental care. Adequate time is allocated for all our appointments to ensure we inform and educate. Informed and educated patients make better decisions for themselves. All relevant and important information are provided to our patients verbally and through written media. We also have comprehensive descriptions of the services we provide on our website. Articles have been written about the various treatments provided at ProCare Family Dental to further help with the education process. Patients are encouraged to visit these sites for a better understanding about their oral health.

Your Convenient Dentist in Ringwood

Our website provides a simple process for contacting us and booking an appointment. Appointments can always be arranged to suit your needs, our staff will do their best to accommodate your appointment requirements. Call us on 9870 6788.