The laser used at ProCare Family Dental is for soft tissue removal. When portions of gum need removing the laser is used to facilitate the procedure. It is also used to reduce the discomfort and pain associated with mouth ulcers. We have found exposure to the laser over a few minutes reduces painful ulcers immediately. No local anesthetic is needed for this procedure. The effect is lasting for up to several days.

Benefits associated with the use of a laser in dental surgery include:

  1. Less pain after the procedure.
  2. Faster healing of the tissues.
  3. Minimal bleeding during the procedure and after the operation.
  4. Minimally invasive procedures leading to quicker and less painful recovery.

The procedure is pain free as the area is anaesthetised prior to the use of the laser. There is no loud sound associated with the use of the laser. There is a slight odour during the procedure which is minimised with the use of the high speed suction. The odour is associated with the cauterisation of the soft tissue. Safety glasses are used by operator and patient at all times.

We have been accredited to the highest standard by the University of Queensland in the use of dental lasers.