How often should I have a dental check up?

There is no hard and fast rule to the frequency of dental examinations. The recommended is every 6 months but at ProCare family dental we prefer a tailored approach. Subsequent routine visits will be scheduled according to your needs based on the initial clinical findings. This can be every month to 2 years.

Why should I see a dentist? 

Dental disease detected early leads to less long term costs. Significant pain and suffering is experienced when dental problems are left untreated for too long. General health can be affected by your dental condition. Healthy mouth healthy body.

What is the ideal age for a child to see a dentist?

At ProCare Family Dental we recommend you bring your child in when they turn 1. The first visit is an introduction to the dental environment with minimal treatment. We will try with a ride in the chair first then a look in the mouth if the child is cooperative. A knee to knee examination can be done if the child is too young to sit in the chair. Good life long dental habits are established with early, non-invasive dental visits. Introducing a child to dentistry for the first time when they are in pain is not a good idea. The whole experience is overwhelming and the child can develop a negative association with dentistry. We endeavor to make the first visit to us as trouble free and relaxing for both child and parent.

First visit.

At ProCare Family Dental the initial visit often takes a little longer than all subsequent dental examinations. We need to collect important information about your general medical and dental health. Any significant medical and dental events need to be determined and investigated further if necessary. Our goal in the first visit is to get to know you or your dependent in order to provide the best dental management plan for you.

The medical questionnaire we provide will also have a screening questionnaire for obstructive sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoea is a sleep disorder which affects up to a third of the population and often remains undetected. It can affect your general health by making it difficult to control diabetes, high blood pressure and can predispose individuals to other types of cardiovascular diseases. In addition individuals with sleep apnoea can be predisposed to motor vehicle accidents due to loss of focus from sleepiness. A symptom of obstructive sleep apnoea is snoring. Dentistry has a unique and proven method to alleviate snoring with the aid of a mandibular advancement splint.Caring dental Learn more about Sleep apnoea.

Dental examination.

During the dental examination soft tissues outside and inside your mouth are assessed for any abnormal tissue changes. The teeth and gums are also closely examined for any evidence of disease. We will also check your bite to make sure it is not causing teeth to break. Any restorations in the mouth are also assessed for any breakdown which can lead to disease. The jaw joint and associated musculature will also be examined should this be deemed necessary.

After the dental examination x-rays may be taken to further assess the areas in between the teeth for any dental decay. These x-rays will also highlight the health of the bones. Any bone loss resulting from gum disease will be evident on the x-rays. We may send you to to a radiology facility for further x-rays if needed.

We will discuss all clinical findings and necessary treatment options for a treatment plan . Complex cases may need a further appointment to gather more clinical data. A written treatment plan including costs will be presented at that time.

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In most cases teeth will be cleaned in the first appointment. However, should there be severe gum disease an additional appointment will be made. Treatment of the gums will take place under local anesthetic for a thorough clean with minimal discomfort.

Subsequent dental examinations will not take as long as the initial visit. The gathering of information of your medical status will often be checked again after 2 years. Should your medical status change you must notify us as soon as possible.