Week 29 of the new dental build is finally completed!

At week 29 and we have finally completed this project! We are in our third week working in our new surgery and it has been wonderful, except for some ‘teething’ issues! Excuse the pun! The landscaping is finally finished and Peter from Above and Beyond has done a great job.

It has been a long 6 months from the very start to finish. I’d like to say it was an adventure of epic proportions but it was more painful than I’d imagined. Having said that, Ducon Building Solutions, in particular Mr Anthony Kuna, Alex Harms and David Sloane, along with Steve Skurnik, the architect, were very good to get the project done in such a short time. They also made the building process less painful in many instances. The finished product is also testament to these individuals.


I have to thank all my wonderful staff who put up with all the works at the old surgery. And later moving from old to new and adapting to the various working conditions as the new build was completed. They always do a fantastic job but were especially wonderful during this difficult period.

A special thanks to Dr Sean O’Callaghan and his wonderful staff for accommodating us and giving us a helping hand when needed the most. Also Dr Richard Zheng and staff who shared their car parking space with our clients during the build. A big thank you to our Podiatrist neighbour Tony Massorati and staff for their tolerance of the noise and mess during the build.

Finally, I am most appreciative and grateful to all our lovely clients for their forbearance. It was tricky working out of the old surgery whilst the construction went on behind. Thank you for putting up with all the inconvenience during the build.

Roland Chong

Roland has over 20 years experience as a general dentist. Roland does all aspects of general dentistry with a special interest in prosthodontics (crown and bridge work) and cosmetic dentistry. A member of the International Team of Implantology, Roland is constantly developing his skills by collaborating with international experts.